T-Mobile is one of the UK’s largest network offering a great range of handsets and tariffs for its users to select from. T-Mobile also have a great range of low cost contracts and SIM only deals which are great for people with bad credit. T-Mobile is a great option for people with bad credit as they have a great acceptance rates across the board for both full mobile contract and their SIM contracts. That being said it is still beneficial to follow a few rules to get the best acceptance rate when applying with them.

1. Appy direct, avoid going through a thrid party company such as Phones4U or Carphone Warehouse as this will only add costs to your contracts.

2. Be reasunable with the contract you select. You need to pick a contract that you believ your credit score reflects you are able to pay.

3. Try a SIM only contract, with a high acceptance rate these contracts are a great starting point for people strugerling to get approved on a new contract or have been refused.

4. Stick to mobile phones that have been out for a while as they will have a higher accceptance rate compared to newer phones.