SIM Only Contracts

For people with poor credit, SIM only contracts are really the best option. SIM only contracts are deals put together by the networks witch offers the users discount minuets, text and data all inclusive in a one monthly bill. These deals however do not come with a mobile phone so users will have to provide their own. These contracts are great for people with poor or bad credit history as they are seen as low risk contracts by the networks because they cost so little to issue. This mean that the approval rates for a a person with bad credit applying for a SIM only contract is high.

SIM only contracts offer users great value for money as they are often the cheapest mobile contract on the market. T-Mobile, Orange, Virgin and Three Mobile are the leading mobile networks in the UK for SIM only contracts with great acceptance rates for people with bad credit. SIM only contract are a great way to build your credit history with a network before you decided to commit to a long term contract with a phone. Building up your credit history with a network will also mean that you will have more options available to you when you come to upgrade.

SIM only contracts can be taken up for as short as 1 month on a rolling contract. This means that after a few months of keeping up the payment and rolling the contract from one month to the next you should be in a much better position when apply for a contract with that network. We find that this is what most of our clients are looking for and this is what make SIM only contracts the best option for people who suffer with poor credit.