Orange Mobile is one of the UK biggest network and has recently teamed up with T-Mobile to increase the coverage are of both networks. You can find contracts on Orange mobile from as little as £15 a month up to £30+ a month contracts with the latest phones for free. Orange Mobile also do a great range of SIM Only deals for people that don’t require a phone with their new contract. People with bad credit will also be pleased to hear that Orange Mobile also have a high approval rate across the board so should not be put off applying with them. To increase your chances of being approved on a mobile contract with Orange if you have bad credit follow these simple rules.

1, Choose a low end phone with a low monthly bill. The cheaper the deal the more likely you will be accepted as a new customer.

2, If you want to give yourself the best chance for being accepted apply for a SIM only contract with Orange. SIM only contracts are known for their high acceptance rates.

3, Apply direct with Orange and cut out the middle man charges. Any additional charges to your contract will act as a negative mark towards your application.

4, Make sure you leave at least a week between your applications if you are not approved the first time.