iPhone Contracts

If you’re looking to apply for an iPhone contract and are worried about being rejected because you have had bad credit in the past then I may be worth a shot following our guide to applying for an iphone contract with bad credit. With our help you can improve your acceptance rates with the network to help increase your chance of being approved on an Iphone contract even if you have bad credit. No matter if you’re looking to get an iphone 3G, the iPhone 4 or the new iphone 4s our tips will help you such get that little bit closer. There is nothing that can be done to guarantee your approval of an iPhone contract however if you follow the tips listed below you will have a better chance of being approved:

• Apply with the networks directly instead of mobile retailers, applying with a mobile retailer will only increase the cost of your contract to be issued so will lower your chances of being approved.
• The best networks to apply for an iPhone contract with bad credit are T-Mobile, Orange and Three Mobile.
• Choose a contract that is preferably under £30 per month; be realistic with what you can afford.
• Choose a IPhone that has been out for a few month or has been refurbished instead of the latest phone that is on the market this will increase your acceptance rate

Overall, iPhone’s are one of the most expensive phones that a person could purchase and this can make them really hard to be approved with. It is recommended to consider other phone options when you have really bad credit however if an IPhone is a must than you can go ahead and take your chances. The tips that we have just covered will help you improve your chances. You could also consider applying for a SIM only contract first as these are often short term contracts that can be used to show your commitment to paying your phone contract bill and can also improve your credit with your chosen network. Getting an IPhone with damaged credit is not going to be the easiest thing that you ever have to do in your life time but at the same time it is not going to be the hardest thing either.