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T-Mobile Contracts for Less than £10 a Month with a Free Phone

cheap-tmobile-dealsGoing cheap is what many consumers try to do nowadays when it comes to their monthly phone bills. Pay As You Go tariffs may not always be so satisfactory. Therefore, hunting for inexpensive Pay Monthly contracts is now the essential strategy. With so many dealers and contractors within the UK territory, deals under £10 are no longer uncommon. Find out which contract types are available with these low cost packages. Nokia Asha 300 and Samsung Solid Xcover are the phone models supplied for free at T-Mobile if you sign up for 2-year contracts with the basic inclusions.

Nokia Asha 300

Nokia Asha 300 is a compact bar phone with a nice curvy design and an elegant traditional keyboard fit for intense use. Its camera is of 5 megapixels, has zoom and video features. The phone works in 3G networks, includes Internet and personal email, has FM radio incorporated, audio, video and MP3 player,  games, Bluetooth, GPRS, personal organiser and more. It weighs only 85 grams and has a thickness of 13 mm.


If you get a Nokia Asha 300 based on a 24-month contract with T-Mobile, you will get 50 minutes each month along with 100 texts, all these with no more than £7 to pay each month. The phone is for free. There are also 250 MB of Internet allowance each month. This is the lowest priced deal available at T-Mobile. Also for the same £7 you can opt for the other plan which offers no data, but 50 minutes and 250 texts.

Samsung Solid Xcover

Compact and resistant, the Solid Xcover has dust and water protection and is perfect for your outdoor adventures. Still, it is able to take photos, play music and more. Besides, it has an Internet browser as well. Phone specifications: audio + MP3 + video player, 2.0 MP camera, MMS, personal email, organiser, handsfree, travel adapter, talk time up to 19 hours and a claimed 984-hour standby. Connectivity involves Bluetooth, GPRS, PC sync and Internet on your phone. Do you lead an active or rugged lifestyle? There is no better equipped basic phone than this Samsung!

T-Mobile offers you a free Samsung Solid Xcover for an incredible £7 monthly contract that includes 50 minutes and 250 text messages. The phone is yours if you agree to pay this sum for 24 consecutive months. There is no data traffic included at this price level.

These low cost contracts from T-Mobile are great for any one with poor credit as the montly payments are low and you are provided with a free handset. So now every one can keep intouch. To find the best place to apply for these deals and to find other Phones for bad credit follow the link.

Best Phones of 2013 Q1 (IPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC window 8 Phone, Samsung S3, BlackBerry Z10)

best phones 2013The iPhone 5 is one of the best phones of 2013 Q1. It is an iconic Smartphone and the screen has been made slightly taller than the previous models. The iPhone 5 offers some amazing contract deals to its clients and users in the UK with T-Mobile and Orange Mobile companies. These deals don’t go beyond 24 months each and include the Orange panther 31, Orange Panther 20.50, T-Mobile 500 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £26, and T-Mobile 1000 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £31.

Nokia Lumia 920 is the second of the best phones of 2013 Q1. Some of the best contract deals for the Nokia Lumia 920 are offered in conjunction with Orange and T-Mobile. They include Orange Panther 26, Orange Panther 20.50, T-Mobile 2000 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £36, T-Mobile Unlimited at £41. The contract deals are viable for a period of not more than 24 months each.

The Samsung S3 continues to be the preferred choice of many users who value the Android devices. It now uses a 4G support system and this enables it to work at great speeds. This phone offers its UK customers amazing contract deals with T-Mobile, Orange Mobile and Virgin Mobile. All the contract deals run for 24 months and include Orange Panther 26, Orange Panther 36 at £28.50, T-Mobile 500 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £26, T-Mobile 2000 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £36, and Virgin 2500 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £41.

The Blackberry Z10 is listed here as well. It has contract deals with Orange Mobile known as Orange Panther 36 and Orange Unlimited + 1GB at a fee of £36. The two contract deals run for 24 months each. There are two T-Mobile contract deals that Blackberry Z10 offers and these are the 1000 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £31 and last for 24 months each.

HTC Window 8 Phone has contract deals with Orange Mobile. They are known as Orange Panther 20.50, and Orange Mobile. It also runs contract deals with T-Mobile ranging from the 500 + Unlimited + Unlimited at £26. It also has a T-Mobile contract deal known as the 300 + Unlimited + 1GB at £26. It also offers a contract deal with Virgin known as 200 + 500 + 500MB at £31. All these contract deals last for 24 months each.

All these deals have unique benefits to each client, and they help to make all these devices quite attractive in addition to being the best phone of 2013 Q1.