Apply for a Mobile Contract

Are you finding it hard to get a mobile phone contract because of your poor credit? Well we are here to help you. Increase your chance of being approved on a new mobile contract with our help even if you have poor credit, bad credit, or CCJ’s. Our step by step guide has helped thousands of people get approved on the mobile contracts they wanted.

Step one: The first thing you need to do when you are applying for a mobile phone contract with poor credit is to find out which networks are currently offering the best acceptance rates. Applying with a mobile network with a high acceptance rate will really boost your chances of being approved by over 75% (Form our independent case study). That why this is our most important step and we have designed a league table which is kept up-to-date for your reference at any point you wish to apply for your new contract phone. You can see our table by following the links below.

Step two: If you have or have had poor credit then you will probably be aware of the restriction that can put on you and it is no different when it come to applying for a mobile phone contract. That is why you need to be realistic with the price of the contract that you apply for. It is always best to keep the contract price you apply for as low as possible and try to never go for a phone that will cost you more than £30 a month.

Step three: If you have really bad credit than you should consider applying for a SIM only contract. SIM only Contracts are just like normal contracts except a mobile phone is not provide with them. This keeps the cost of the contract very low and acceptance rates high.